Premier Guitar axe-plores Monte Pittman’s guitar rig!

We got the news from Rebecca Dirks (web editor of Premier Guitar) got backstage at the MDNA Tour to do a Rig Rundown with non other than our own Guitar God – Monte Pittman! We can’t wait to see the video!

Monte’s black Orange Amps & Fractal Audio Axe FX II. Photo by Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar: “He runs a stereo rig with two Orange Rockerverb 100s. He generally keeps them on the clean channel and colors his signal with the Axe-FX II for different amp sounds and effects, using everything from stock bluesy patches to a variety of synth tones to a custom emulation of his JCM 800.”

Bourgeois acoustic and Jarrell MPS *Classic. Photo by Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar:He mostly relies upon his signature Jarrell guitar with custom-wound Seymour Duncan Dimebucker, Vintage Hot Stack Plus, and P-Rails pickups. He likes having the ability to split the coils for different tones as well as different output levels, depending on where the guitar needs to sit in the mix. The acoustic is a Bourgeois with Fishman electronics that he uses with a Fishman Aura Spectrum DI with custom settings modeled after his personal acoustics.”


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