Madonna divides fans – What we didn’t see at the Olympia gig

Madonna gave a special 1 hour show at the Olympia Hall in Paris last night, which was live streamed on youtube. Live Nation announced the show 2 weeks ago, mentioning that a “special” and “intimate” show would take place. However, they intentionally let fans believe that this would be a full concert and that caused the angry reaction of the fans who attended the show last night – they boo-ed her and threw empty water bottles on stage after the show. Not the kind of reaction you would expect after watching Madonna live on stage!

Many fans slept on the street the night before the show, while others payed over 200 Euros to attend the show… Many wonder if it was worth it.. “Of course Madonna is worth it! …” someone would say. Yes, for most of her fans, Madonna is the Queen of everything and everything she does is perfect. Other fans were left disappointed and rumors of canceling the Australian leg of the tour (which is supposed to visit on January 2013) did not help either.

We’ve seen other big acts going to Australia, Japan, South Africa so what is the problem with Madonna? Why there was no proper promo tour? Why “Girl Gone Wild” is not being played on the radio? Why MDNA (the album) is nowhere in the charts? …

These are questions that many fans have been asking over and over and over. We may never know why. But the truth is that Madonna fans have been treated poorly.

Let’s be clear: we are all Madonna fans. We love her songs, we love her shows and we love Madonna. Lately she has made us a little confused. But that’s Madonna. She always leaves people wondering what she has done or what she will do next.


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