Nicki Richards “Bedtime Story” album out NOW!

Nicki Richards new album is finally HERE and ready to blast your speakers!!! The album is entitled “Bedtime Story (Tell Me)” and features 14 songs! Nicki does not only sing the songs, but has also produced, written and arranged it!

Nicki Richards “Bedtime Story (Tell Me)” album out NOW

Track List

1. Queen
2. Knight in Shining Armor
3. Lay Your Hands On Me
4. Kiss Kiss Kiss
5. We Got Each Other
6. Tell Me…
7. Sunday Morning
8. Precious
9. Extraordinary
10. Spaceship
11. Extra O2 (Interlude)
12. Hungry
13. Change in the World
14. Surely

The album is available on CDBaby! Get it now! Make sure to also visit her new website at and learn all about Nicki!


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