Madonna: Studio guitarist for “Falling Free”

We’ve all seen Madonna playing guitar at her shows, but with the release of her album MDNA we learn that Madonna played guitar in the studio for one of her new songs “Falling Free”! This is the 1st time that M recorded a song with herself being the studio guitarist! In 2008 with the release of “Hard Candy” she mentioned that she’s quite good in playing guitar at live shows, but being a studio guitarist is a different story, since you have to be really precise.

Madonna with her Gibson Everly

It seems that Monte Pittman has helped Madonna step up in a whole new level of guitar playing! We obviously can’t wait to see them together rocking out in the 2012 World Tour!!


One thought on “Madonna: Studio guitarist for “Falling Free”

  1. Emanuele (@theamazer) March 25, 2012 / 1:43 pm

    I really love when Madonna plays guitar. She’s so good at it (even if it is due to her fantastic guitar teacher! ) :)

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