Monte Pittman & Adam Lambert’s Citizen Vein Sessions / Beg For Mercy

As you all know, Monte Pittman & Adam Lambert worked together on several songs during the Citizen Vein days and now we have the chance to listen to those songs on the “Beg for Mercy” album, under Lambert’s name on the cover.

Pittman gave goosebumps to everybody during Lambert's "Glam Nation Tour" with his thrilling solos!

The songs of this album were recorded before Lambert’s participation in American Idol and except for Monte who co-wrote the lyrics and played guitar, Brian Frasier-Moore played drums and Ric’key Pageot played keys! The album is released worldwide by Colwel Platinum Entertainment via Fontana Distribution on November 21, 2011. Get it here!

Rock Star Weekly has posted a great review, if you’d like to read more about the music on the album!

The release of the album has caused Lambert’s frustration (who is currently working on his 2nd album) because he no longer has the rights of the songs (same goes for Pittman) and because the production company is taking advantage of Lambert’s post-Idol fame. That’s the price of fame… even though Adam Lambert knew about it already.

Props to Monte Pittman, for being the authentic man and the amazing musician that he is.


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