Stuart Price produces Kylie Minogue’s new album

After Stuart Price’s HUGE success with Madonna’s “Confessions on a dance floor”, Price has become the producer everyone wants to work with. Price produced Seal’s System” in 2007 and now he has a new hot album ready to drop on July – Kylie Minogue’s “Aphrodite”.

Price revealed a few secrets back in April when was invited to his studio. Here’s a few excerpts:

Stuart Price By Lars Borges

Stuart explains that he got involved with ‘Aphrodite’ last October when he met Kylie in New York for a writing session. From that session “three or four” tracks remain, and from that point onwards he became a very significant force in the album’s completion. As executive producer he’s been responsible for shaping the album’s sound – at one point on Friday he described it as a ‘houseparty’ record – which has meant a role in deciding which songs did and didn’t make the cut but also mixing tracks so they all feel like they’re part of the same album. Songs were picked, Stuart says, not because of who wrote or produced them, but because of how good they were … NO BALLADS. We asked Stuart if there were any ballads on the album and he said no (AMAZING), then clarified that point by adding “not in the accepted sense”.

IT’S GOING TO BE A CONTINUOUS MIX. This may not excite you very much but it excited us an obscene amount. In keeping with the ‘this is an album not just a selection of tracks’ idea, Stuart’s currently finding a way of stitching the songs together. The plan is that it won’t be a non-stop megamix but there’ll be a natural continuous flow that creates an ‘official’ order for the album’s tracks. (Stuart didn’t say this himself, but we guess it’ll be a bit like Madonna’s ‘Confessions.) In an era when fans routinely create their own album running orders in iTunes, presenting ‘Aphrodite’ as a definitively sequenced body of work is a great way of showcasing Kylie’s own confidence in what’s shaping up to be her best album since ‘Light Years’.

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One thought on “Stuart Price produces Kylie Minogue’s new album

  1. Miss Fitz June 28, 2010 / 2:48 pm

    I’ve never been a huge Kylie fan, but I’m buying this the SECOND it is out… fingers crossed that it’s way better than the Killers record that Stuart did…!!!!

    SDP FTW!

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