Nord Artists: Ric’key Pageot

Music Company Nord is featuring Ric’key Pageot (Madonna, Cirque Du Soleil, Delirium and most recently Diana Ross) in their Artists page with a brief bio and Ric’key’s gear! Check it out!

Ric'key Pageot

“One thing that I did notice on the Stage EX 88, other than the great new harpsichord sounds, is the new sustain pedal action. As opposed to sounding louder when you play a series of notes, like some other stage pianos, it just sustains, and that’s great. I’m not afraid to sustain too many notes at once, resulting into playing with more emotion like on a real grand piano. That’s a big plus. Furthermore, the latest Rhodes sounds are frighteningly close to the real deal. Oh, and the weighted hammer-action is just the way I like it. The Nord Stage is my main instrument.” – Ric’key Pageot

Ric’key Pageot is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, music director, born and raised in Montreal, Canada presently living in Los Angeles. He comes from a musical family of Haitian descent. His parents initiated him to classical piano lessons at the tender age of eight and he went on to attain his bachelor degree in Jazz performance from Montreal’s McGill University.

He became the youngest musical director ever hired by Cirque Du Soleil when he led the band on there first arena production, Delirium, at the age of 28. They performed over 250 shows in the US and Europe. The large band consisted of an impressive eleven musicians and six lead singers, among them, sensational singer and his wife, Dessy Di Lauro. Ric’key is producing her upcoming album.

In 2009, Ric’key played piano, keys and accordion on the international Sticky & Sweet tour with none other than the queen of pop, Madonna.



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