Adam Lambert meets his favorite Idol

Remember a few months ago when we informed you that Adam Lambert met the Queen of Pop herself? Here’s some extra tidbit about that meeting in New York…

US Magazine: Talk about meeting Madonna.
AL: I freaked out! I went to her house a few months ago and her son David answered the door.  Then she swooped in and told me “If we do something together, I’m pretty bossy”. I’m like “I’ve heard!”

Adam Lambert & Madonna=total hotness!
Adam Lambert & Madonna=total hotness!

It was no other than Monte Pittman who hooked up Adam and Madonna in New York last May, as she was preparing for her summer tour.

Adam’s album “For You Entertainment” dropped last week and it selling out pretty fast! Our thoughts? His album seriously ROCKS and every track is giving something different to listen, to feel and explore!

Adam worked with many musicians on this album, including Muse, Pink, Lady Gaga and Orianthi. If Adam ever gets to work with Madonna that would be completely axe-static!

Thanks to Planet Fierce!


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