Adam Lambert on the Early Show

Adam Lambert and his band were the guests this morning on the Early Show (CBS)! Adam performed “Whataya Want from Me?” and “Music Again”.  It was really amazing to see Adam singing perfectly so early in the morning! If you missed it you can watch the 1st song here!

Monte Pittman nailed the “Music Again” solo (watch it here!) with his custom Gibson Les Paul, the same one he used for Madonna’s “Burning Up” solo (Re-Invention Tour) and the “Heartbeat” solo (Sticky & Sweet Tour) plugged in -as usual- to Orange Rockerverbs!

Monte Pittman & Adam Lambert

Adam was also asked by one of the fans that were gathered outside of the studio, how he put his band together. Adam mentioned that he and Monte knew each other from the Citizen Vein days! (video). Longineu Parsons is on drums, Lisa Harriton on keyboards and Tommy Joe Ratliff on bass.

Don’t miss Adam’s appearance at the David Letterman show tonight!


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